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Self Treatment Guide - Part 1

What are you doing wrong?

Have you ever thought about what you actually put your body through? Have you ever wondered why your muscles get sore and achey? Especially when you're not even in the gym or training for the Olympics?

In this day and age, the majority of us are sitting in front of the computer, slouched over clicking away at a mouse, or busy taking calls and texting on the phone. Or if you're a tradesman, you're constantly either working above head height, or repetitively bending down to pick things up.

If you look at these jobs, what is the number one factor among all of them? Easy... POSTURE! Your posture plays a large role in the way load and stress is distributed through the body. Of course the body is designed to accommodate for all these kinds of postures, but over time, this can become a problem. Sometimes it may take only a few days, sometimes it may take a year or more!

Let's look at an office worker - slouched over the desk, head protruded forwards with arms out in front. A day or two of this should not really pose much of a problem, but if you're working 40 hrs a week and almost 48 weeks of the year, that's a whopping great 1,920 hours! That's a lot of back slouching that you have accumulated. This accumulation equates to a massive amount of stress on the muscles, spine and body and it doesn't just go away with some annual leave. Your body can only cope with so much stress before it breaks, just like a twig.


You make a CHANGE! What does change involve you ask?

- Changing your posture either by adjusting your table, chair or work station
- Taking regular breaks to avoid holding bad postures for hrs on end
- Stretching to try and reverse all the bad postures you've put your body through

You have to BREAK the cycle somewhere and somehow and you must do it now, not tomorrow or the next day.

In this self treatment guide blog series we will go through the ways as mentioned above and MORE so you you can help change and transform your body from an office zombie to an office warrior!


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