Quality hands on treatment

Nothing works as well as good hands-on treatment for pain relief and symptom alleviation.

Once we reduce the pain, we work on the cause to prevent it from re-occuring!

Body Solution Physio caters to all problems muscle and joint, here are some of the conditions we treat:


Frozen Shoulder


Tennis elbow

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Carpal tunnel

Lower back pain

Chronic back pain

Bulged disc

Herniated disc


Wrist and finger injuries

Patellofemoral pain

Growing Pain

Osgood Schlatters

Sever's disease


Rib pain

Strains and sprain

Wry neck



Post-surgery rehab

ACL reconstruction

How do we do it?

Treatment involves an initial consultation which may take up to 45 minutes. We will assess you and determine the steps required to get you back on track. Following consultations will be 30 minutes. We have a strong focus on HANDS ON treatment combined with take home exercises.

And More...

In addition to our hands on techniques we will also implement a wide range of treatment strategies such as pilates, dry needling, manipulations and stretches. We will make a plan to get you back to full function. Whether it's on the sports field or just daily activities, we'll look after you.

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We also do dry needling and offer individual and small group pilates classes.

Call to talk to one of us so we can guide you in the right direction.

Physiotherapy Exercise Group

Lack of flexibility and strength? Feeling slow and sluggish? It's a great way to mobilize your muscles and joints whilst building up whole body strength. Call us to discuss further!

Dry Needling

At Body Solution Physiotherapy, dry needling may be used as part of the treatment. The good thing is, if you don't like the idea of needles, we won't use them :) It's not a major part of our treatment, but it can sometimes be a useful treatment tool for some.

Pre natal and Ante natal

Pregnant and getting a sore back, hips and body? Feeling weaker after giving birth? You've come to the right place. Book yourself in today to discover how we can help you can tackle these problems.


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