Physiotherapy Exercise Group

An excellent way to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. We start from the beginning and cater to all levels.

***Important Notice - please read below***

Physiotherapy Exercise Groups:

  1. Steady and Strong - a group class of up to 6, focused around helping improve and delay bone mineral density loss

    • Wednesday 5.30 - 6.15pm 

  2. General strength and mobility exercise class - maximum of 7 in a class, focused around beginner mat pilates, stretching, balance and mobility 

    • Thursday 12.00 - 12.45pm

    • Friday 12.45 - 1.30pm

  3. Yoga Stretch Fusion class - a perfect way to unwind the tension in your tight muscles after a week of work. Focused around mobility and muscle release

    • Friday 5.30 - 6.30pm 

Bring a towel and pillow (if needed), mats and water are supplied.

Please call a minimum of 24-hours prior the class to secure your spot!

Important Notice

Hello everyone,

Just want to let you all know what has been happening with Pilates from the 1st April 2019! Due to the recent Government changes in private health insurance, there will be some changes to the Pilates classes.

The classes cannot consist solely of Pilates in order to be eligible for rebates by private insurers. Therefore, we will have to rebrand the classes to ‘Physiotherapy Exercise Group’ i.e. PEG, from now on.

There will be no changes to class times, just the format. We will be integrating more physiotherapy strength-based exercises as Pilates-based exercises can only make up a small component of the exercise group class.

As part of this new process, every client will also need to have an individual physiotherapy session once every 3 months with any of their respective physiotherapists. This will ensure that we keep up to date with goals for the individuals and comply with the Government changes.

HCF, (and possibly Teachers Fund), is the only insurer that has taken a harder and more stringent view of the rules. We encourage our HCF clients to contact HCF directly to clarify their position.

Thank you for your understanding, and if there are any queries please feel free to contact us or speak to me directly!

See you all at PEG!


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